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Project Financing — Get access to a wealth of lending information to help you carefully analyze your financing options in order to minimize risks and foster good decision making.

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Initial Meeting

We identify your needs, objectives and assess financial situation.



We analyze information, develop a plan and identify appropriate solutions.



You agree to proceed and implement our advice.



We gather information and develop your financial goals.



We report our findings so you can evaluate, consider, and assess.



We undertake regular meetings to ensure ongoing suitability, review, and revision of financial plan.


Acquisition & Development — We are dedicated to transforming conventional development practices by using strong ecological, social and financial returns. 



With our team, it starts with an idea and we move it along to concept development.

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Land Acquisition & Planning

We assist in the purchase of selected lands, conduct master planning for land development and understand its boundaries and zoning.


Construction & Project Management

We manage all aspect of contract procurement, resource planning, scheduling, budgeting and financing coordination. Through site supervision, we monitor and provide constant reporting.

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Market Research & Analysis

We conduct extensive market research, financial modeling and feasibility studies to ensure strong economical real estate opportunities.

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We engage architects to produce conceptual designs and detailed designs to finalize layouts and floor plans.



Through marketing activities, we prepare the asset for sale or leasing.

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Construction & Renovations — We use the latest cloud based innovative technology to provide exceptional construction and renovations services. Take back the pride and joy of working with contractors. Work with us and have one less thing to worry about.



We identify your project scope of work needs and objectives and we plan accordingly.

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Contract Procurement

We secure agreements with industry leaders for products and services for your project such as material take-offs, labour and fix and variable cost contracts.



We arrange, control and optimize work and workloads so your goals and priorities are achieved in a timely manner.



We go through the process of creating a spending plan by understanding your current money diagram and establishing your project budget.


Resource Planning

We allocate our team onto your project and break down task in relation to all segments of the scope of work.



We pride ourselves in customer service and provide constant project updates through the life of the project.


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